Relitigating the white South, a death and a break-up foreshadowed, almost-ecumenical folk, straight-talking indie, and “folk-alt-pop”
Home(boy) economics, authentically ordinary Americana, more girls than b*tches, and billy woods as song and dance man
Plus a few from 2021, 2020, and 2019
This town (by which I mean Lindeville) ain't big enough for the both of us (by which I mean Pillbox Patti and Aaron Raitiere). Plus Tom Zé, Taylor…
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Canted indie pop, candid indie pop, grown-up juvenilia, and eloquent despair
Ashley McBryde, M.I.A., Open Mike Eagle, Todd Snider, and more
The classic rock RENAISSANCE, the actual RENAISSANCE, squeezed lemons and incurable humanists
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